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WELLBEING WISDOM - Create a Life without Limits – Free your Power Within

  • You have questions, CHALLENGES, at a CROSS ROAD, not sure what to do or who to see.
  • You are unwell and cannot find the help you need TO GET WELL again.
  • You want to release the past and move forward.
  • You are a health practitioner who wishes to BUILD A CONSCIOUSNESS BASED BUSINESS and life.
  • You are not sure where to begin to CREATE A LIFE of health, happiness, abundance and purpose.
  • You want to take control of your destiny, EMPOWER and be supportive of YOURSELF.
  • Searching for answers and a way to complement your life choices/values and WHAT MATTERS TO YOU.
AS THE WELLBEING AND LIFE CREATION COACH I AM HERE TO HELP YOU. LET’S MAKE THIS YOUR REALITY. The willingness and courage to take the first step begins a turning point in your life today. “Thank you for your assistance and guidance. It has been a real eye opener and a pleasure for me to work with you.” J.P. Public Servant and Riding Teacher KEEP GOING YOU ARE ABOUT TO DISCOVER THE GREATNESS WITHIN YOU ABOUT MY SERVICES
I can help you to take that first step and then the next and be there at each step to keep you moving forward. Contact me today on PH 0421 960 156 or E:carolynnejane@y7mail.com for a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to discover how you can achieve the results you have been looking for. A FREE DISCOVERY SESSION allows you to talk through what is on your mind, get some clarity around that, ask questions and come up with a first step towards your new future/vision. It is also for me to get an insight into who you are and what you as an individual are truly wanting and where you are right NOW. We can then come together to progress you on your journey of creating positive personal change and designing your life your own real way. Consultations in person, by phone or skype. TRANSFORM YOUR ENERGY, TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE The greatest gift you will ever give yourself is to understand your own power to create your life and wellbeing.
  • I will help you to form a solid foundation that will allow you more flexibility and magic in your life; will give you an anchor to find your own answers, and give you peace of mind.
  • You will receive the keys, a handbag of essential tools, evidence based techniques, resources, and an evolutionary philosophy for living a life you love, creating wellbeing and honouring your soul.
“Working with Carolynne to start my new business was most enjoyable. My time with her opened up a lot of avenues which we worked through successfully together. Carolynne’s friendly nature made for a relaxed atmosphere….. I am really appreciative of your help and couldn’t have done it without you. ” P.C. Business Owner ABOUT ME
During my studies in Psychology/Sociology and Law, I suddenly became unwell without explanation. Unable to be helped by conventional medicine, I deferred my studies. While I worked for the Federal Government I began to do my own research and studies into HEALTH and NUTRITION. I began YOGA and was briefly introduced to MEDITATION. In my work I was soon promoted to Manager, supervising, training and counselling staff about work and life. My interest in helping others was reignited and I began training in counselling and personal development, both inside and outside of work. Following a string of difficult life challenges my health deteriorated, physically and mentally. I gave up work to recover. I kept myself going with good nutrition and built a health support network around me. My health was now maintaining but was a constant challenge despite following advice. Meanwhile I spent most of my time researching in health and healing; mind and bodywork; and developed a keen interest in metaphysics and spirit. I began studies in Kinesiology and Crisis counselling; working for Lifeline for several years and doing energy balance and emotional clearances for clients. Something was still missing. Finally in 2004 while training to become a life coach it all clicked together. Having a coach myself helped me turn and look inward. I realised I had been neglecting to really listen to myself. It was a 180% turn in perspective, everything came from the inside (something that I had intuitively always known but had not really understood) and that is where I needed to look rather than outside where I was expecting to find the answers - which we are all taught to do. I shifted my focus, attention and awareness within. I began to regularly meditate and practice what I had learned and applied it in this new light, and bit by bit I began to align with my TRUE needs. It worked and I knew that this was how I needed to help others. I have found that in every client no matter what they are wanting, treating or working towards, there is always underlying inner dis-ease, disharmony and the only way to find true relief and be able to release the past and move forward is to allow this alignment and awareness to take place, while receiving the right support. There is immense power that flows on from fully engaging in your life and the process. This is not an easy thing to do and can take much longer than necessary without the direction of someone that has walked this path. Then it is a simple and focused process. The philosophy and paradigm shift: To only treat the body (or any other aspect of our lives) without bringing the mind, heart, emotions, environment and soul into balance with life itself, will at best be fake, partial or temporary. It is all about You, Energy and Evolution: My passion and purpose is to show you how to use your energy (body/mind/spirit) wisely and consciously to direct it towards evolving into the person you were always meant to be.
WELLBEING AND LIFE CREATION COACH I limit my number of clients in order to fully focus on the needs of current coaching relationships. Our work together is confidential. Your financial investment is small. Your emotional investment is required and your commitment to yourself and your process is paramount. Embracing this is all you really need do. If you are not sure that you can embrace this then that is where our coaching will begin. Every setback is an opportunity to open another door and discover another path. Monday – Friday 10am– 5pm. Saturdays and evenings by arrangement only. I pass on a portion of my income to support several initiatives for people, animals and planet, that I feel are particularly important in creating a consciousness shift towards A New Earth.
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Certified Life Coach McIntyre Systems Coach Advanced Diploma Holistic Counsellor(ICTC) Human Development Counsellor(IVHHD) Crisis Counsellor Meditation Teacher(IMTA) Advanced Diploma Meditation Therapy(ICTC) Kinesiology Touch for Health Chair Yoga Instructor(IVHHD)

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